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Full Version: Adept Powers Upgrades
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Is anyone using any house rules for this? It seems that once an Adept has taken a few powers, he's locked into them forever. Does that mean that once you've spent 3mp on Increased Reflexes 2, you can't afford to ever buy Increased Reflexes 3?

What if you want to do away with increased reflexes entirely, because you got Living Focus metamagic and a mage friend with the appropriate spell?
Um. Increasing Increased Reflexes is the same as "buying an additional level of a power" (say, Mystic Armor 2 to 3) it just has a special cost.
i once made a metamagic called adept cannibalism. with it you could convert your powers back into power points.

maybe something you want to think about?
I would allow a respec of sorts in my games if it came up, would cost Karma though.
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