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Full Version: Entertainment Systems Falcon
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The Jopp
I find that the Entertainment Systems Falcon is a wee bit overpriced for what it actually does, apart from the fact that it is a luxury items, the standard options on the other hand does not show it.

What do you think of having the following as a standard for it – It would reflect the amount of craftsmanship that has gone into it.

Standard Upgrades:
Improved Takeoff & Landing 2 (Wings)
Mechanical Grapple Arms X2 (Claws)
Mechanical Grapple Arm (Beak)
Walker Mode (Claws)
Mimic Option 3 (Lifelike)
Kanada Ten
I wouldn't object, though maybe the beak is a little much.
Rotbart van Dainig
Personally, I abstracted it more:
Improved Takeoff & Landing 2, Mechanical Grapple (Beak/Claws), Special Machinery (Beak/Claws: DV 1 AP +1), Walker Mode

I wouldn't vouch for the Mimic Option, though - it's about Living Skin for Anthrodrones and synthetic feathers will do the trick just fine for the Falcon - in fact, not having to 'feed' him every few days is good.
Of course, this is errata material, as per RAW, the drone needs those upgrades to perform falconeering stuff - without a weapon, it won't get the rabbit, and without a grapple, it can't carry it.

Upgrading the Falcon with Improved Economy (hunting rabbits the whole day), Chamelion Coating (Rutheniumpolymer feathers - choose the color of the day), an Improved Sensor Array (no rabbit overlooked) and Fuzzy Logic (and they can't hide, either) is even more fun.
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