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Full Version: this ones for the ghouls
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ok, my Runners are heading into an abandoned warehouse full of ghouls. I read their description in the BBB and thought"they don't have the critter power Infection, so they must not be contagious." now I read Runner's companion, and the disease seems nigh unstoppable!

they have to roll body vs. 8, and if he doesn't get 8 hits, he loses 0.1 essence, and the remaining power of the disease carries over to the next test (10 test minimum). after losing 1 point of essence, their a ghoul.

half the group has a body of 3, and the mage would be screwed. Do I just Ignore this? or hope nobody gets bit in the fight? I don't think the players want an all ghoul party.
arsenal has rules for vaccines. it has been canon that there is a vaccine, and has been one for some time. i recommend you look up the rules for that, and you should be good to go... nobody *has* to turn into a ghoul, provided they have the nuyen for it (or can trade for it in some other way).

since you're the GM, and therefore ultimately in charge of deciding just how accessible the vaccine is, you can offer them an escape from turning into a ghoul. problem solved.
You could have it involve dozens of shots and a chance that they get a changeling trait.

Remember ghouls should be feared. And not for their bark either. wink.gif
yep, HMHVV III (Kreiger Strain) is curable before the transformation is complete!
hey, thanks, arsenal huh, I guess i wasn't done cross-referencing.
Umm... They could not get hit also. Not coming into contact = much less chance of infection.

Hazmat suits also.
Which book says there is a vaccine?

Red-ROM: you could always use this encounter as a segue into an second adventure where in a street doc offers to cure them if they can accomplish some goal before time runs out...
What happens to partial transformations? Are they considered ghouls or metahumans with ghoulish traits?
QUOTE (TBRMInsanity @ Mar 21 2009, 12:40 AM) *
What happens to partial transformations? Are they considered ghouls or metahumans with ghoulish traits?

They're considered metahumans with some need for Essence-refueling genetweaks.
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