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Hi Folks,

Not entirely sure how to start this. It’s not going to be easy.

It’s been a rollercoaster year for me on a personal and professional level. A year of incredible highs and amazing lows. A year of great changes, a year of sublime moments and a year of heartbreaking loss. Of troubles great and small, and of triumphs great and small. A year where I’ve mourned old friends and made new ones, a year where my first child was born, and the year I got to helm my favorite gameline (every fanboys dream come true). There’s been more than one time that the ickybrownstuff has hit the fan, and there have been equal doses of success and accomplishment too. But, man, has it been a ringer. Truth be told I regret none of it, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. That’s life for you.

By now you’re probably asking yourselves either: when is he getting to the point, or what the heck does this all have to do with Shadowrun. Well, as it turns out quite a lot.

It’s been a strange year, and one crazy ride. And like all rides, there’s a point where it comes to an end. I’m here to tell you all that time has come.

Shadowrun and Catalyst need someone who can commit 200% to making the game we all know and love into all that it can be, and at this point in time too much in my life is beyond my control and that’s not a commitment I can honorably make. Rather than allow this to affect the ambitious schedule we have prepared for you, and with the launch of Shadowrun, Fourth Edition20th Anniversary out of the way, I’m here to tell you I’m stepping down as Shadowrun lead developer.

With Shadowrun celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, this is definitely not the perfect timing, but sometimes that’s how the dice roll. Don’t fret though, there are plenty of projects already in the pipeline and a couple of parting gifts from me on final approach. You’ll be hearing more from Catalyst in the coming weeks.

Does this mean you’ve seen the last of me? I certainly hope not. I got into this to add my own voice to the glorious cacophony that has been Shadowrun over the years and I hope to continue to do so. There will be a few more books with my name on them and maybe now I’ll have some time to get some writing done. Who knows?

There are folk I have to thank, of course. This would never have been possible without you.

First and foremost, Adam Jury for the strength, the perseverance, and for starting me down this road. Rob Boyle for the faith and the mentoring. Jennifer Harding for the support and spirit. Tobias, Bobby, Lars, Jay, Aaron, and Stephen for going above and beyond when I needed you, for sticking it out when things looked bleak, I owe you all more than you know. To all the freelancers, old and new, that I’ve had the pleasure and the honor to work with, my sincerest thanks. To my sweet companion Paola and our beautiful Corinna, my thanks for your love and for just being there. And finally, to you all, the fans, my thanks for your wisdom, criticism, fanaticism, and above all your passion. . Thank you for your support and for allowing me to share some of my vision of what Shadowrun is and could be with you. Shadowrun wouldn’t be the great game it is without it

Here’s my sincerest hopes that we’ll all be around in 20 years to enjoy the 40th anniversary of Shadowrun.

See ya around chummers,
Peter Taylor


The adventure gaming industry and hobby exists due to both the passion of its player communities and the passion and dedication in the people that create the games we all love. In that vein, Catalyst Game Labs was established by a group of individuals dedicated to ensuring that the seminal properties of BattleTech and Shadowrun found a home worthy of their storied status.

Peter Taylor was asked to helm Shadowrun for the last two years because of that dedication to making great, fun games. Catalyst Game Labs is very grateful for the skill set and enthusiasm Peter brought to the table and especially for bringing the 20th Anniversary Edition of Shadowrun to fruition. While he’s stepping down, we’re very pleased that he’ll continue bringing that same passion and skills set to Shadowrun as an author.

To the future I will assume managerial control of Shadowrun and will work closely with a Shadowrun Development Team, currently composed of John Dunn, Jennifer Harding, and Adam Jury. Their expertise will help ensure a smooth transition and most importantly will ensure that the flow of great new books to the community continues without a hitch.

Randall Bills
Managing Line Developer
Catalyst Game Labs
Wow, Peter you'll be missed.

I thought that you had seemed a little distracted of late but this is still a shock.

Good luck. Especially with being a Dad, that's undiscovered country and no mistake.

You've done great things and made incredible strides with our beloved Shadowrun. Good luck with everything in your life, and personally I hope to see you back in the shadows some time.

Take care chummer.
JM Hardy

It's been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to seeing your energy and ideas for the Shadowrun universe continue in future books. I hope this decision works out well for you.

Jason H.
Best wishes and good luck to you, Peter.
You'll be missed.
Well...that is sad news. I loved the direction you were taking the game, and am sad to see you move on.

On the other hand: Did I read that right, that Randall is filling your rather large shoes? From what I heard about how we got TacOps and StratOps as we got them, I am expecting good things...but also think Ms. Harding should shave her head now in prep for when she is trying to talk Randall from his Over-writing tendency wink.gif (Yes..that is an attempt at humour in the face of sad news)
Thanks for the things you made happen for the game, Peter. May the karma earned serve you well.
Whoah, that came... unexpected.
Thank you for the hard work, passion and commitment you put into this game.
Good luck for the future!
I would offer my sincere thanks with a moving and powerful statement, but unfortunately others said it rather succinctly. Since that is the case I will say simply this: as a hardcore 2nd generation gamer I feel I have the veteran status to say that you and the entire dev team kicked major ass in your pursuit of dystopian nirvana.

You did a great job Mr. Taylor.

Oh, and a piece of advice:
Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, make a deal with a Dragon.
Thanks for everything!
We wish you the best smile.gif

Sad to see you go. But do what is best for you, no matter what.
Swing by these Forums if you find the time to bitch about stuff or just have fun with us again.
Prime Mover
Our thanks and best wishes with your next steps.
Looking forward to everything in the pipeline and expect good things with ya back in the writers seat.
Wesley Street
I'm sorry to see you go Peter and you will be missed. Thank you for all of your hard work as SR Line Developer and I hope you have the opportunity and desire to write for this product again.

I'm soon going to be having a new family myself so I'm there with you. Best of luck.
It's sad to see something good to come to its end but that's the way life goes, what has a beginning has also an end.
However while not exactly the kind of news that makes us jump for happiness we shouldn't mourne either, many things in our lives aren't about the way they end but how they came to that end, it has been good to have you at the helm and we should be happy to have been able to appreciate your work; I don't know if it can make this farewell any better but I have to tell you that you have taken the right course of action, we work for living not the other way around, and being a father is a timeconsuming prospect, it's just being realistic to recognize that we can't have everything in the life (especialy if it is more time) and to chose what's best for us, you choose well.
Farewell chummer, and remember to send paydatas if you find any.

Maybe it is just the paranoia of the setting getting to me, but why is the letter being posted here by Vairdic instead of Synner himself?

I just want to say thank you for all you've done for the game that I have enjoyed so much over the years. Your work has helped preserve and reinvigorate Shadowrun for new generations of players as well as entertaining and bringing back us originals.

I hope the downtime gives you a few moments to spend all the good karma you must have earned.

Peace on you and your family,

Demonseed Elite
Peter convinced me to get back into writing for Shadowrun and I really enjoyed working with him as a writer and as the line developer. The best thing about working with Peter is that he was so clearly a fan of the game and I could easily bounce crazy plot ideas off him and he'd get excited about them and try to find ways to make them work. And when I had an idea that just wouldn't work (trust me, I've had a few stinkers), he'd tell you exactly why it wasn't the best idea for the game in a way that always had me agreeing with him and not feeling stung or bitter.

I know there are some people on this forum that have had imperfect experiences with Catalyst, whether over decisions they've made about the game or with the company getting back to them on writing submissions, or any number of other things. I have too. But while Peter's letter says Catalyst needed someone who could give 200% to the game, I can say that in my experience, Peter gave more to the game than anyone I knew at Catalyst. He was the one staff member over there I could rely on getting back to me, even if it was in the middle of him pulling out his hair because of a dozen projects going in a dozen different directions.

So it's not really surprising that Catalyst has "retired" me as a freelancer at the same time as this change in developers. My experience with some of the other development staff hasn't been all roses (except for Jennifer, she rocks), and without Peter there, it wouldn't be the same anyway. So now I get to be a grumpy fan with the rest of you. nyahnyah.gif
Two years sure go by quick.

I have been a SR fan and collector since the very week the first edition hit the shelf and can say without a doubt that the game has never been better than it was under your watch. Thanks for all your hard work, Peter.
I don't remember what your exact words were when Shadows of Europe went it, but I guess it was around the lines of "We made it." To my old partner in crime 0111011001 : You made it.

A lot more important thing is, I realize while I knew about her for some times, I completely forgot to congratulate you on the birth of your daughter until now. I'm really late. Félicitations !
well, best of luck going forward.

and now to see how long the next in line lasts...
Original Synner
Here is hoping you still stick to the threads occasionally. I love what you have done with ShadowRun and I am very sorry to see you go. I do hope this is not because of the several flamewars others have started over how You and Catalyst are leading Shadowrun.
I love the what you have done and your writing style. You will be sorely missed. I hope that Catalyst continues on in your tradition and visions of the future.
God go with you on your journey through Life. Here's hoping we can still hear from you.

Peter. That is a heart felt letter. Best of luck to you in the future, and may 2009 be a continuation of what 2008 was like. Change nothing. Live for everything. A fantastic attidue to have. Catalyst Game Labs has really made me feel optimistic about where the Shadowrun line and universe is heading. Similiar to how Donnie Walsh and Mike D'Antoni have taken on the NY Knicks this year, the quality of the product over the past two years has really been innovative. To sum up the product in one word, "Quality."

Thank you for all that you have contributed to the SR line and thank you for leaving the game we all love in the hands of passionate people. Can't wait to see where the next twenty years takes us.

QUOTE (Demonseed Elite @ Mar 21 2009, 11:40 AM) *
So it's not really surprising that Catalyst has "retired" me as a freelancer at the same time as this change in developers. My experience with some of the other development staff hasn't been all roses (except for Jennifer, she rocks), and without Peter there, it wouldn't be the same anyway. So now I get to be a grumpy fan with the rest of you. nyahnyah.gif

Wow, Peter leaving because of good priorities is understandable, if The Suck for the game. But this is just a loss, plain and simple.
Thank you for having stepped up to the plate Peter in the first place, you're the best things that happened to Shadowrun! I know you will continue to have success in your other projects, so happy trails.
It was the year of fire... the year of destruction... the year we took back what was ours. It was the year of rebirth... the year of great sadness... the year of pain... and the year of joy. It was a new age. It was the end of history. It was the year everything changed. The year is 2261. The place: Babylon 5.

... maybe I'm the only one who read the first paragraph and thought of B5. Tee hee.

Thank you, Peter, for the integral contribution you have made to Shadowrun and the pleasure you've brought me in playing the game you helped to shape. I wish you all the best, in your private and professional life.

Ok, we've had our differences. And while I've done my share of antagonizing you over the years, you know you can say the same.

But speaking as one father to another, I understand how having a daughter changes your life completely. Things change, and what used to be your world ceases to matter in the face of your little one. Suddenly you can't give 200% to a job, or a game, because that little child needs 300% of what you have to offer.

I applaud your decision to put your family first. Too many people get their priorities screwed up. And while I may not have thought much of your decisions as a line developer, I think this proves you are an awesome father.

And coming from me, that's the best compliment I can give.

Jay: Say it ain't so! You are my favorite Shadowrun writer. The Shadowrun universe will be a poorer place for your absence.
Thanks for all of your hard work Peter. Shadowrun looked like it was dead in the water there for awhile but I know it was in no small part to do your determination and dedication that it is the vibrant line it is today.
It trolls!
You can't fool me! You're off to build that astrally warded bomb shelter to spend christmas in in two years!

I hope, this is not the last, we've heard of you though!
Good work, sir. Thank you for your time and passion to make SR stunning and inspirational.
Thanks to you, Peter, for all your work and what you have done for SR!

I wish you all the best and everything you need - hopefully we will hear and read from you *g*
Rotbart van Dainig
QUOTE (Synner)
It’s been a strange year, and one crazy ride.

Thank for leading it.

Good luck Peter, thanks for making a great game better.

Trevor L.
Has it really been 2 years? When I look back at all the books that have come out since you took charge, it seems like it must have been longer, but it feels like only yesterday. Thanks for stepping in when you did, and thanks for your work till now, Synner.

Good luck with the family, and everything.
Well, this makes me feel a little better about some response times that had/have me grouchy -- all that aside, I wish you and your family nothing but the best. I've enjoyed the products that I've seen that came out while you were at the helm, and I feel you've left the game better than you found it.
Thank you for your hard work and for the direction you took Shadowrun during your - too short - time as lead dev.
Children are a source of frustration even greater than we DSers can be, and a delight far greater than any role playing game.

Lucky you.
The Jake
Hi Peter,

Based off our past chats, you've inspired me and convinced me to get back into my writing. I still have every intention of doing so (hoping to finish my submission and get it out soon).

Likewise, I'm expecting my first child and helping my partner has become the priority for me at home already. So in some sense, I feel for ya.

I'm hoping that this means we'll get to see more of your writing, even if you won't be at the helm of the SR Dev team.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. smile.gif

best regards,

- J.
I must admit I've been lurking here for too long, but this has brought me out of my silent watch.

Syn, I still remember reading a message in the Spanish mailing list about a crazy project some fans had started, to cover and describe how Shadowrun would be in Europe. From then on, the landslide, the writing, reading, creating, planning, wishing... dreaming, in the end. You were a big part in making that dream come true, and from then on you were there, becoming stronger and guiding Shadowrun into a new path, a more interesting and complete path in my opinion.

So, even if it has been long since we last talked, thank you for everything, on a personal level and as well for your great work with SR. You will be missed, you can be sure of that. So, to make up for that, you better be a great father (congrats on her coming!!) and, from time to time, write something! nyahnyah.gif
Peter, I've loved your work on SR. When your attention to detail AND wonderful imagination get turned loose on your child, they'll really have a magiucal childhood.

Personally, thank you for the e-mails we've exchanged over the years and the few spots you slipped me into the shadowspeak stuff.
Not of this World
Best wishes Peter and Jay.
I'm a bit late to the party, but...
Best of luck. Thanks for all the hard work. Sorry for all the times I was an argumentative pain in the butt; know that it was never personal.
You have my respect and appreciation.
I want to say more. But after only picking up Shadowrun last year I can't comment on the game before you took the helm. What I can say is I've loved the direction Shadowrun has gone in the the last year. I hope your vision is carried forwards. Most of all I wish you and your family the best.
I wont pretend to know anything about who you are or what you did but I will wish you well in your endevours.
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