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Full Version: Technomancers and Datajacks
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I've been reading about Technomancers and while I did notice that some non-Otaku people could have become Technomancers, a large portion were Otaku. So I went back to Matrix and I noticed that as part of the final initiation for Otaku they got their datajack. This made me think that if you have a Technomancer character then should they also have a datajack (even if they don't really need it)?

What other cyberware do you think would make sence in a Technomancer if they were once Otaku?
That ASIST interface was the other key thing they needed. Now this is known as the Sim Module. For background reasons if your Techno is a former Otaku that would probably be key.
Some Technomancers also emerged without having been involved into the matrix crash at all thus not needing any implants.

But... IF you want to play that type of Mancer I'd suggest a Math SPU besides the Datajack.
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