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Full Version: (SR3) Critters and you
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Ok so, when doing normal humanoid NPCs its quite easy on the fact they need skills to do thier magic (fig, not lit). So, when using critters do you give them skills as well? If so what should it usally be avg out at? I see stats for thier attacks, but do they litteraly get skills like Humanoid NPCs as well? Any help with this is appreciated.
Seriously, nothing out of you guys?
I think even the last guy here on the forum is meanwhile playing SR4 and erased all the old knowledge from his mind. ^^ Another reason for not answering could be, that this topic (maybe) could have been discussed several times and the people are tired of writing "use the search-function". But anyway: as much as i remember, in SR3 the critters used the reaction-attribute for all skills that were appropriate and logical. But i am also sure that this was already mentioned at the beginning of the critters-section in the core-book....

I hope this could help.
SR 1st through 3rd Editions used Reaction as a Critter's attack skill - IE: Unarmed Combat. If they had magical abilities, it was generally down to Essence being used as a skill rating in one way or another for whatever particular Power was being used. The only time Critters used the PC Skills was for the humanoid classed Critters - IE: vampires, ghouls, dzoo-noo-qua, etc.

Often the GM had to reconfigure whatever skills might be required for the encounter. General "animal" Critters didn't have access to skills but if you wanted you wanted a sneaky Critter there's nothing to stop you adding a Stealth skill rating to it. "Animal" Critters did have a split Intelligence Attribute, however, to diferentiate between natural intelligence and their perceptive abilities when using their senses to detect things (all Perception Tests in 1-3e used Intelligence Attribute - there was no separate skill). All Critters also had the usual "Dice Pools" (Astral, Combat, Spell) and these were determined in wexactly the same way as the PCs' - IE: Based on their Attributes.
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