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Full Version: Matrix Paragons
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So, I completely love the idea of Paragons on the matrix, but none of my players are technomancers. Have any of you found ways to incorporate these into stories and/or complications? Can you even be aware of Paragons if you aren't a technomancer?

I'm just trying to find a way to put it in my story because it's such a cool concept.
You can use them for a NPC built as the threat of a run. Perhaps a Technomancer, or maybe even a free Sprite. In trying to learn who and what they are looking for the players can learn about Paragons.

Just a quick thought of how you might be able to use them.
Besides having an NPC technomancer follow one of them, you could also have an AI NPC or a free sprite somehow be associated with a Paragon. If any PCs interact with particular nodes frequently, the AI or free sprite could make its home there and gradually get to know the PC/become a contact and therefore bring knowledge of the Paragons into the game. This would work even better if the AI was living in a PCs CHN.
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