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QUOTE (Warlordtheft @ May 22 2009, 01:49 PM) *
Computer analyzes the loyalty/happiness test scored 100%. That cannot be. You must be a commmunist. <zot>
So went clone#5 biggrin.gif

"Thank God for the computer!"

"'God,' Citizen?"
I have to agree that SR lately can be lacking paranoia, but I think there's a few things that contribute to that mindset.

First, pretty much all published runs have some sort of 'You got screwed over' worked into them, so a lot of GMs will play it straight in their runs, to try and keep from over use some of that. As well, it's in some of the movies and TV shows quite a bit as well. In a lot of movies that could be compared to SR, there is the screwing you over somewhere or other; Equilibrium, Eraser, Blade Runner, Ultraviolet, Strange Days, Robocop.... The list goes on.

Secondly, a lot of GMs I've seen don't tend to think in that sort of a line, mostly either generating a story on the fly, or if you're lucky, having a specific story they want to tell. So, they're focused on that and don't usually put focus on much outside of that.

But then for others, myself included, I find myself playing SR like WoD, various groups struggling for power, and they are working on their own agendas. That allows me as a GM and as a player to try and do like people have said, trying to figure out what each person's motivation is, who's pulling their strings and things like that. And I may make some extra junk that players will never see, but it adds color to the world.
I'm finding myself developing a healthy paranoia-- especially when the DM, at the end of a run, points out 'You and you were caught on LoneStar camera, wanted for questioning in relation to these events,' or 'The hacker (me) detects a signal from teh just-killed man's comm.'

My second character will at least start with a rating 6 jammer, and I regularly search for electronic security.
RSM, you wouldn't happen to live in Libya would you? No? Shame, since I would like to play in a game like the ones you have described.
Straight Razor
QUOTE (Telion @ May 20 2009, 10:10 PM) *
RSM sign me up for one of your games, thats exactly how I imagine it.

i'll second that
The Monk
QUOTE (Rusted Scrap Metal @ May 20 2009, 02:47 PM) *
Oh yeah, once they figured it out, that they had to go into paranoia mode, they've gotten into the swing of things for about the last 4 months, and are having a great time.

They forgot that even after something like "Die Hard" or "The Punisher" there's still the cleanup, and John McClane made enemies from that. It took awhile to get them to remember that just because the run is over, that doesn't mean there aren't any repercussions.

My favorite "gullible" moment with my fellow players had to come when one of the players checked his credstick balance at the local Stuffer Shack and found out he had an extra nuyen.gif 10,000 on it. A month went by, another nuyen.gif 10,000 and so on, for about 6 months.

Then, someone who vaguely looked like him gunned down a Lone Star senior detective.

I was all "EEP!"

The Street Sam was all "OH DREK!"

He was all: "What's the big deal? I didn't do it."

Then he checked his credstick balance and found another nuyen.gif 120,000 on it.

And wondered why all of a sudden Lone Star was out for him, not the rest of us, just him, with blood in their eyes and mayhem in their hearts.

Sounds like a good time to launder the money, spend some of it on a new fake SIN and new face. The rest is YOURS! Thanks GM!!!
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