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Full Version: Astral Projection and Manifesting
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Dr. Dodge
If you are astrally projecting and you manifest, can you see in the material plane? For example, if i am projecting and manifest, can I now read signs, text etc? If you manifest, you can hear other people, but can you physically see them (not just astrally see them)?

I don't believe it is possible, but i have heard some arguments that you can. In the BBB it doesn't explicitly state "you cannot see (as in eyeballs)" but on the other hand, it does say you can communicate (but doesn't mention sight) but at the same time it is also a "psychic" sense. So i guess it is a case of RAW vs RAI maybe? Thoughts/evidence?

No,he can't read because He's still on the Astral Plane.The Mage is just making yourself visible to the Mundanes.
and since you can Hear Mundanes on the Astral Plane (even without Manifesting)thats why you can "interact" with the Material World

with a manifesting Dance
Dr. Dodge
actually i found the answer in FAQ...i should learn to look harder.
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