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I have a player who wants to play a shape shifter....He is vulnerable to silver.........what does that mean? (apearently it's not the same as an allergy) ....would it have killed them to put in an appendix? (is it even in the runners companion?)
It was 'lost' before the book went to printers. As there has yet to be errata, it remains 'lost'.

Damage caused by anything a creature has a Vulnerability to cannot be healed with the Regeneration power.
ah I see...... SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the ayelyd ruins all over again!!!!! I drive my self nuts forhours looking for this before I realize there's a bug!!! bad catalyst! bad!!!!!
I imagine that it won't be long before it is found.

It should be pointed out that there is a work-around that is semi 'official' which is to treat Vulnerability as a Severe Allergy although it isn't an Allergy and cannot be suppressed with the Alleviate Allergy spell.
If you have access to them, read it up in the SR3 books and draw your own conclusions.
vulnerability used like severe allergy is pretty close.
It's included in Running Wild. (Trust me, I triple checked my draft and every developer looked for it too.)

For the time being, treat it as blocking Regeneration (Don't regen the wounds from a weapon made with it, and don't regen if still in direct contact) and a Severe Allergy for DVs/Dice pool modifiers when exposed.

Unlike Alleviate Allergy, there are no known spells for alleviating a Vulnerability.

AH's post about it can be found HERE.
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