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Full Version: moving a ward
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i understand you cannot normally move a ward once set

i got an adventure coming up where a mage wants to protect some items behind a ward, while in a moving box

is there any problem with warding the package after it has been placed in the moving box? the box will then be moved around town to keep the runners guessing

i am guessing that since the package is not moving, the ward will not be disrupted when the shipping box moves

any info either way is welcomed, as this is a very grey area

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Yes, that would work.
yep, check the FAQ (street magic, I think) - it clarifies wards on exactly this topic. It has an example of a shipping container on a boat with a ward on the container. Similar to what your mage wants to do.
Short answer: Yes

Long answer: The ward cannnot be moved with respect to its immediate area. But the immediate area can be moved without disrupting the ward.

Example: You place a ward on a box or container of some sort. You cannot move the ward itself. You can however pick up the box or container the ward is inside and move the box/container around. Thus you can ward the inside of a truck and drive around with the ward intact.
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