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Full Version: Resuscitate - How is it done
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Odd question-

Doc wagon gives gold and platinum customers free resucitations. How do you interpret this? Is it the same as stablilizing the victim from a deadly wound, or do they actually breath life into a patient who is technically dead?

I don't have access to my books at the moment, but I have not found any rules regarding this. Does this even come up in your games? Do you simply use it for story continuity? Could a player resucitate someone?

Just looking for some learned feedback.
completely missed the doc wagon post...disregard....
I believe DocWagon uses the term "resuscitate" in their contract to mean to bring back to consciousness, but with the awareness that some people may think of the word's other meaning.

It's a great marketing use of a word that mean either to bring back to life or to bring back to conciousness.

No special rules apply.
Crusher Bob
This a medical/insurance contract you are signing, not something scratched out on the back of a napkin. When the say 'resuscitate' the contract will give a description and/or list of the things they will do (to avoid liability). Given this I would assume it's much closer to the 'try to bring back to life' meaning...
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