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Full Version: [SR4] - Toxic paths
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I don´t have the approbriate rulebook in front of me, so maybe you can help me with the following questions:

- black mages are intented to be closest to toxic paths. Is there a specific section in the books, that prevents mages to learn toxic metatechniques or spells like the one that uses radiation? (can´t remember the name, was mentioned in some german adverture if I remember right.)

- some forms of the toxic paths are "not so far" away from the common black mages intentions nor seem they to be unplayable...unpleasant yes...but not unplayable (power seeking, destroying everybody that doesn´t fit in their way of living etc.) is there really a strict frontier that absolutely prevents an PC to switch to the "dark side"? E.g. that his mentor spirit simply looses his balance and tends a little more to the dark part of his nature?

- I could only find one "path" at all, but I missed specific mentor spirits. Havent there been mentor spirits like "radiation" in previous SR editions? What do you use instead? The warped basic totems? Nothing specific?

It would be great to get some proposals.
Crusher Bob
I'm pretty sure that Frank wrote up some stuff for playable toxic mages, leeme use ye olde search function...
Already used. Didn´t wanted to hear "use the search function" curses.^^ But maybe you can find something? Arrrrrh...^^
Crusher Bob
Here we are...
Ok, i´m stupid (or lazy) thank you very much. You are invited to our international SR session in a coffee-shop in amsterdam.^^
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