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Full Version: More Silly Artifacts
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Heath Robinson
An old thread covered a multitude of silly artifacts. Time for some more.

This artifact is a wooden octoganoal prism marked with the trigrams on it's "front" face. When the holder places it within their hand and whispers an incantation (taking a Free Action), they gain the same benefits as if they had a Drain Pact with a Free Spirit that possessed an Edge of 12 for any drain tests they take in the same Action Phase.

Current Owner: a young half-Japanese half-Italian Hermetic

Donation Box
This wooden box is fitted with a set of bars (also wood) on a detachable pannel in order to accept thrown donations. Anyone who approaches the box is struck with a Compulsion to make a donation of some kind of currency by throwing it into the box. This has been shown to include credsticks. The Compulsion is as in the critter power with 6 dice for the Magic + Charisma score.

Current Owner: a young Shrine Maiden of a minor Shinto shrine outside Kyoto

There are 8 of these handcrafted wooden dolls. When commanded to perform any task with the appropriate codeword preface they will react as if each was possessed by a Force 3 Task Spirit. Rumours abound of a set of different dolls that act as if possessed by Force 3 Guardian Spirits and come with miniaturised hand weapons.

Current Owner: East European Free Spirit of Man manifesting as a young blond woman (realistic form)

A Parasol
Numerous variations of the basic design have turned up in the hands of a variety of beings (including a number of Free Spirits). Almost any design can be used, but typically such a Parasol is pink or white and lacks any kind of design. The fabric cover of the parasol holds a Force 6 Physical Barrier, and a Mana Barrier of equal force. Use of such a Parasol also negates allergies and vulnerabilities to light.

Current Owner, Sample: young European Vampire changeling with Bat Wings

Jeweled Branch
A wooden branch with jeweled fruit attached. Is either an amazing forgery, or the fruit are really jewels. There is no question of the authenticity of the organic nature of the branch itself. Whenever the current owner makes a test they may sacrifice the branch for the same benefits as burning a point of Edge. When so "sacrificed" the branch disappears and reappears in the possession of a new owner.

Current Owner: Japanese Free Spirit of Man manifesting as a middle-aged Japanese woman (realistic form)
not a big fan of the parasol, largely because i don't think 'artifacts' should be something common enough to have a large variety of forms.
Heath Robinson
We have both Roberta's umbrella and Okuni's parasol. The idea of a weather/sun covering being used as a weapon or shield is not going to be unique to any one person. Many of them will succeed.

Should it be a "Unique Enchantment" instead? Sure, but the idea has much srength and, even in the source material I'm referencing, the idea turns up multiple times. You could make it a Weapon Focus, but I'm more content with it being an "artifact", negating the necessity of an Awakened user, because the scarred, fleabitten Street Sam with a pink parasol is a sillyawesome visual.

Wings of the Night Sparrow
When worn using the attached harness these wings grant the wearer the benefits of the Night Vision Positive Quality. Additionally, the wearer may curse a single target within LOS to suffer from Night Blindness (as the Negative Quality) for 5 minutes, 6 seconds as a Free Action.

Current Owner: Changeling Mage (makes frequent use of Levitate to emulate flight)

This Japanese single-edged sword is claimed to be able to "cut through human confusion". A hit with the edge of this weapon will destroy all Mental Manipulations affecting the target. Said hit must deal damage.

Current Owner: Middle Aged Japanese swordswoman, currently in an orbital environment instructing Japanacorp Sararimen

Dragon Badge
This star-shaped badge has been inscribed with the Chinese character for "Dragon". Wearing this badge visibly will Influence people into believing that your skills at Martial Arts (not any particular Martial Art) are beyond compare, even by the most talented practitioners. This effect is resolved as an automatic use of the Influence critter power with 10 dice for the Magic + Charisma pool.

Current owner: young Chinese woman, who has used the power to obtain a prestigious rank within a Triad
Hmmm....not much usefull stuff. Ok, "not usefull" is untrue, but "not so usefull as I would expect" would fit. The artifacts the big old D left, were a little bit more impressive. Are they for real or selfmade?
Heath Robinson
They are not my invention.

They're just rather different from the kind found in the original thread and those found mentioned in the metaplot. I've tried to make them less than ridiculous, because magic shouldn't just be world-changing in scope.
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