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Full Version: Shadowrun Ad Campaigns
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7second VR spot,

Visual of unbroken dark clouds, no horizon or ground visible. POV moves forward all through the spot. Unsettling subsonics. Emotive despair, spiked with heartache at 0:00:01.5 and 0:00:02.7 synchronized with violent lightning and thunder. At 0:00:03.2, something becomes visible through the clouds, gradually resolving itself as the giant "N" logo (ed. in granite?) at 0:00:04.3. Emotive uncertainty at 0:00:03.8 shading to incredulity by 0:00:04.2. At 0:00:04.5, a calm basso voice announces "Got NERPS?"(ed. like Barry White or Lawrence Fishburne?) From 0:00:04.9 to end the clouds slowly lighten. At 0:00:06.3 the size of the giant "N" logo (ed. about 190m tall) is revealed as a small flock of doves circles it. Subsonics resolve into understated major chords. Emotive disbelief wars with dawning hope and slowly loses from 0:00:04.7 to end.
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As seen in your dreams!


Slowly phased out of full simsense after a tragic accident involving a troll and an illegally modified sim module.
QUOTE (Meatbag @ Jun 20 2009, 07:18 AM) *

Slowly phased out of full simsense after a tragic accident involving a troll and an illegally modified sim module.

Or this.
Um, anybody remember the adds out of the RoboCop series of movies? Sunblock 3000 "Just apply a pint *schlurp* and you're good for HOURS... Warning, product WILL cause cancer" or "And it doesn't even drain the battery!" or the SUX-2000 car? I always think of them first and foremost in my visuals of the 6th World's marketing campaigns. For the intra-corp propaganda, Starship Troopers "Would you like to know more?" comes to mind. (Now I have the sound track stuck in my head. *sigh*) Or some of the adds out of Running Man or Total Recall or Seventh Day? Um, just how many movies IS Awnohld in that qualify as dystopian future Sci-Fi, anyway?

If the corp is REALLY drinking their own Kool-Aid, think Demolition Man: "Fellow greetings, Citizen! You look Gr8 2dA!" or "You are a sensitive man who inspires joy-joy feelings in all those around him!" Or if we're still on Sly, "Eat recycled food. Recycled food; it's good for the environment and Okay for you" from Judge Dredd.

And yes, all of that came from memory.
I had some game on my computer, reminicent of Starship Troopers--not that I ever saw it--but it was humorous in its advertising, as "showing products in advertisements is unlawful" or "using product names in advertisements is illegal." So it was a red square saying things like "Eat Food Product X-987-c!"
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Any NERPS ad should have a three minute spiel about the various side-effects it may cause.
Well, yes. Fine print is what the subliminals are for. Hell, if you spike the simsense right, you can make them think the effects spelled out in the fine print are a GOOD thing.

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