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Full Version: Falling Damage
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Maybe I missed this, but what do you use to resist falling damage? I'd think you'd get AGI + BOD + Impact armor.

If it's just Body and Impact, then a normal 3 Body, unarmored man, will break something (1 physical damage) if he falls one meter. Being a fall, and not jumping down... I could see stun damage.
To resist falling damage, you only use Body + 1/2 Impact.
QUOTE (Kerrang @ Jul 9 2009, 06:24 PM) *
To resist falling damage, you only use Body + 1/2 Impact.

+gymnastic skill dice.
Spraining an ankle or fracturing your wrist are perfectly acceptable injuries from falling three feet. Jumping down wouldn't hurt much at all, as you noticed, and Joe Average's 3 Agi would give him a fair chance of getting the one hit he needs to pull it off safely.

For those who would apply dice percentages to the daily difficulty of hopping down two stairs, keep in mind that such a mundane circumstance shouldn't call for a roll at all. Jumping off a planter while running away from armed guards, however, puts enough stress on poor Joe to justify his enlarged risk.
Personal anecdote - I once sprained my ankle so badly by jumping off a five-foot ledge that not only was I on crutches for two weeks, but it also took me about two minutes to notice the quarter-inch thick stick rammed an inch into my right arm. Still have the scar.

So yeah, short falls can really do a number on you.
Falling down ONE SINGLE STAIR is enough to get seriously injured. Trust me. I have been there. That was so frigging humiliating <.<
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