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Full Version: Touchy-explody mage
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Regards Sympathetic Linking.

Sympathetic linking requires a metamagic technique. So still, not a great argument. I'd say make up a custom metamagic to the same effect.

EG: Roll melee touch attack as normal, now add net hits as a situational modifier to the spellcasting pool. (melee attack aids the spellcasting test). Allow the mage to make a touch attack with any spell he knows (not just touch attacks), so he could channel stunbolt this way if he didn't know knockout for example.

I might know various rules
and be able to look up others,
but I am far from a SR sage.

I know from lurking around for a while,
you know a thing or two about SR.

For future reference,
all combat spells are duration: instant;
and all health spells are range: touch.

Thank you, i'll try and remember that.
Wow, this looks interesting!

One question, could finishing move from Arsenal (martial arts manuever) apply at all? Since you technically make a melee attack...

You could followup with maybe a setup or herding manuever if you couldn't really cast another spell even. Interesting to see a corpse flying across the room dead from a shatter pixie's punch or something.
Wouldn't the whole argument of whether or not net hits should be added to touch spells be kinda mute when the character in question can just do setup maneuver?

I'm wondering if a successful parry/block could be considered another touch attack? Ala riposte
Ooooo... I actually got necro'd. I must be a real dumpshock denizen now.

Heh, this one was fun.
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