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Full Version: details about Sovereign Tribal Council?
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sir fwank
pretty obvious from the topic, i'm looking for details about the sovereign tribal council.

i'm guessing shadows of north am might reference STC, but i've misplaced my copy. i checked NAN 1, but i only saw a history about it, nothing about its members or much else...

anyone know if any of the books have more info on it?
As far as I know, Shadows of North America is really the only book to give more than a passing mention of the STC.
STC headquarters are in Cheyenne, Sioux nation. Each of the NAN states has a representative on the council, and then there's also a speaker. The STC holds monthly meetings with council members, and has a yearly summit with government leaders from the NAN states. All that information is in SONA, and is the only information I know of. It's got descriptions of all the STC members, but if you're playing a game set in the 2070's, that information could be dated and some are likely to have changed. I can't recall any more recent descriptions of the STC either, so if you need the information to run a game, feel free to make up your own council members.
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