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Full Version: Vehicle Armor Mod Slots
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So looking through the vehicle mods in Arsenal I see vehicle armor takes only 1 slot. Is this per point or for any amount of armor? The first seems it may be a little high but on the other hand only 1 slot for any amount of armor is a little silly wobble.gif. I suppose this could mean that the armor is thicker the higher the value but then how does that work with concealable armor? Ok thanks for some feedback on this.
One slot for as much armor as you care to use, maximum is the vehicle's body times two. The real cost is that you're going to need a very convincing reason for having an armored vehicle, or you're going to get pulled over faster than a troll with a bottle of hurlg.
Hmmm... well maybe I'll just have to make a house rule on that. Also maximum armor is body times 2 or 20, whichever comes first. Not sure I like the idea of one point of armor taking as much space as 20 points.
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