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Full Version: AR glasses, perhaps ready by 2010
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Well, as we are discussing real life weaponry and gadgets, look at this....

Future of the Screen: Terminator-Style Augmented-Reality Glasses

I know that the Concept of AR lenses on dumpshock own starting page is more awesome than this, but there is the "Commercially available at 2010" at the end of the piece that makes it MUCH more interesting. The combo of an iPhone and those glasses would indeed be great. There are already a few apps for it that, for an example, allows you to locate on the "horizon" the location of your facebook friends, overlaying it with the vector the built in camera is pointing to. GPS has its advantages...

As i use glasses anyway and HATE using contacts, i say, AR glasses for the Win!

The future is here every day. And gets closer with tomorrow.
'Cause it's gonna be the future soon, and I won't always be this way, while the things that make me weak and strange get engineered away...
There's a group working on putting OLEDs into contact lenses to make AR contacts!
One of the stories if some of you haven't searched it out yet.
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