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Full Version: Silly Rigger Question
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Alright so, I was looking over the Rigger I plan on playing for an upcoming game, and I noticed something that I couldn't get off my mind.


Given that the rules list everything in kph (not a huge problem) and things aren't exactly like the old rules as far as there being a top speed (unless my eyes got the better of me), for the car I'm using- 192 (after mods and such) kph seems pretty slow. The question is, can my rigger use each IP for movement and if so (and if Hot Simmed for 4 passes) move 192 four times? Or is 192 the most I can move in a combat turn.

I know there are separate rules as far as the length of time that passes in a "chase" rather than a non chase scene.

if I'm way off base, it could be the coffee...
You're right. The rules are weird. The number listed for Speed is the safe maximum in meters per combat turn. Multiply Speed by 1.2 to get your velocity in kilometers per hour. That number is exceedable, but the GM is encouraged to assign penalties to actions when exceeding it.

If you're looking at actual distance travelled in a combat turn, you're going to be using the special, special mix of the tactical movement rules and the vehicle's Acceleration attribute, which is actually more of a base movement speed, and has nothing to do with anything that anyone would ever connect with Acceleration.

You'd look at the vehicle's Running Acceleration score (the number to the right of the slash), and see that is your base vehicle running rate in meters per combat turn. You'll obviously decide that's too slow (since it is) and spend a Complex Action making a Vehicle Test. Each hit increases your vehicle running rate by 5 meters for that turn. If you've got 4 passes, and you're confident that you're never going to fail a crash test, you can spend all four passes spending a Complex Action to make vehicle tests.

For example:
Robby the Rigger
Response 6
Pilot Ground (Wheel) 5(+2)
Hot VR w/Simsense Accelerator (for a 4th init pass)
Control Rig

Handling +3
Acceleeration: 20/60
Speed: 240

Base distance covered: 60 meters per turn
Vehicle Pool test (response+skill+handling+hot VR(2)+Control Rig(2) DP of 20, for an average of 6 hits
Those 6 hits increase the distance covered by 30 meters per turn, and Robby can try this 4 times, for a theoretical 24 hits, and a theoretical increase of 120 meters per turn, for a final tactical combat running rate of 180 meters per combat turn, or 216kph.

216kph. 130mph.

I always liked figuring out how fast I could go. I appreciate the help.

Now is that 130 mph (216kph) per combat turn? (ala 6 seconds)

QUOTE (Bladerunner @ Sep 10 2009, 04:00 PM) *

I always liked figuring out how fast I could go. I appreciate the help.

Now is that 130 mph (216kph) per combat turn? (ala 6 seconds)

That's 216kph (or 130mph), for that 3 second combat turn. If you're actually in tactical combat, you're going to have to repeat that sequence in the next 3 seconds, and anything else you want to do other than focus your attention on going as fast as possible is going to rob you of some of that gained speed.
Really? I assumed Acceleration really worked like acceleration does, where each vehicle moves at the same speed as it did the round before, except that you can add/subtract the Walking acceleration to the speed, use a free action to add/subtract the Running acceleration to the speed, or spend an action to make a Vehicle test and use that to modify the speed even more. At least, that's reasonably realistic, and meshes APPROXIMATELY with the zero-to-sixty time of performance-oriented vehicles. And besides, if you're in a car going 200 kph, stopping in three seconds is NOT going to happen.

I don't know why I thought that, but it makes sense to me.
Yeah. It sucks that SR uses Acceleration to mean Tactical Combat Speed and Speed to use Chase Speed, but those are the breaks.
216 km/h is exactly 60m/s so in 3 sec you would travel 180m, thats pretty crazy if you think about it! Usain Bolt would run the same distance in approx 17.3 sec.

EDIT: Sorry, missed that you already calculated it to be 180m/turn
QUOTE (McAllister @ Sep 10 2009, 06:30 PM) *
And besides, if you're in a car going 200 kph, stopping in three seconds is NOT going to happen.

Yes, at those speeds, Mr. Brick Wall most decidedly is not your friend.
I can't believe nobody used the name Bladerunner before now
QUOTE (Red-ROM @ Sep 10 2009, 11:34 PM) *
I can't believe nobody used the name Bladerunner before now

Other names still available:

  • Johnny Mnemonic
  • Molly
  • Officer Murphy
  • Hiro Protaginist
  • Y.T.
  • Bryce Lynch
  • J.C. Denton
  • Spider Jerusalem
  • ... And Many Others!

Supplies are limited! Act NOW!
Erl of Ingst
QUOTE (RunnerPaul @ Sep 10 2009, 09:46 PM) *
Supplies are limited! Act NOW!

Ahh! Where did I put my credit card?!
QUOTE (Red-ROM @ Sep 11 2009, 03:34 AM) *
I can't believe nobody used the name Bladerunner before now

Same thing I said when I put it in

>>Yeah right, there's no way this name is available....


It was the name of the first SR character I made, a Street Sam back in... oooo 1990. I had to pay homage to him if it was possible, plus I'm a huge Gibson fan so it made sense.

QUOTE (Bladerunner @ Sep 11 2009, 12:14 AM) *
I'm a huge Gibson fan so it made sense.

Um. Bladerunner was an adaptation of the novel "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep" by author Philip K. Dick.

The only connection with William Gibson that I know of was that Gibson attended a showing during the film's initial theatrical release, and decided to leave before the film was finished because he was afraid it'd end up too strongly influencing his not-yet-completed manuscript for Neuromancer.
Yeah, funny how our brains associate things sometimes.

For me, growing up I saw the movie before I ever read anything by Gibson, even though the movie was out before Neuromancer was completely written. I guess as a child I had easier access to seeing the movie than the book. I didn't end up getting my copy of Neuromancer till 1992, but by then I'd seen Bladerunner a few times and really fell in love with it (I prefer the original to the Director's cut, mostly because of the voice over work in the first part by Deckard) After reading Neuromancer my brain saw the symalarities and always seems to associate them.

Not be go unsung, Dick also write tons of great stuff to check out, like "We Can Remember it For You Wholesale" - which inspired Total Recall.

milk ducks
Awesome thread. Thanks for the info, DWC.

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