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Full Version: NPC creater
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I'm looking for a quick program or tables for creating NPC's. I do them myself, but I need something for cannon fodder. I tend to spend to much time creating NPC's. Does anyone know where to find something like this?
Gang Generator

Bug and Pedestrian Generators
3 step creation:

1) all stats are 3 or 4, so are skills
2) generic weapon damage of desired weapon class (9M for hvy pistol)
3) hazy reaction: all goons have base reaction of 5, plus wired reflexes or drug bonuses you want to give them.

Honestly, why would you want to write down cannon fodder goons? I love making NPCs, but only the ones that actually have a role in the game. Anything else can be on the fly.
Creating goon stats on the fly is good for game dynamics as well. If the crew is finding them too easy, increase something. Too hard, decrease something.
Keeps em from checking your notes when you go to the bathroom, too. biggrin.gif
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