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Full Version: Newbie GM seeks grunts
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Yup. I am a newbie GM. I admit that to my players and myself.

And I'm finding that none of the grunts (or grunt lieutenants) in SR4A do quite what I need.

So I was thinking...

Is there anywhere online with SR4 grunts ready-to-use that I can browse through?
Ghost Cartels has a larger selection of grunts, some very powerful. Sure its not online, but its something to look into. Knasser's site has an NPC roster on it.
There are a list of grunts in the SR4 core; just modify those based on where they are from and scale up or down thier professionalism based on your needs. I typically create my own anyways - and I would suggest this. I regularly play with a gang of hypermodded-snipers, so many of the grunts I pit my team against have some way of challenging them; this allows the mission to feel more personal and challenging to a particular niche of players
It may help if you post what you need, so that those of us more experienced can help design you some.
Okay. As the campaign is played here on Dumpshock, I'm going to have to be vague, but:

Ship's crews. For big ships, like freighters. Primarily freighters, anyway. I know the fluff says most ships are automated, but...It's a cyberpirates (well, cyberprivateers, actually) campaign, uncrewed ships would be boring.
Don't forget about drones. Drones can be lots of fun. Besides they would help reduce the crew, just have a rigger (offsite even maybe) and a few grunts on board.
Purely as a random suggestion, I would go for the Corporate Security Unit from page 281 on the SR4A Book. Change the Home Ground that they know their own ship exceptionally well.
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