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Full Version: Glitch statistics
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Cause I'm slightly weired in the brain, I decided to do some statistical analysis on glitching in Shadowrun. It turns out that it is marginally better off to roll an odd number of dice then an even number. With 2 dice giving you the highest chance to glitch (~30%). If you roll more then 9 dice then you have less then 1% chance to glitch.
Screaming Eagle
I'm getting just over 19% at 2 dice...
7 of the 36 possible die combinations are glitches.
Funny, I make it 11.

I might be mad though.


although I only count 7 critical glitches.
Screaming Eagle
ah yes! my bad... I was only count OH NOESE!

Edit - I are glitching on Math
QUOTE (Screaming Eagle @ Oct 14 2009, 03:01 PM) *
ah yes! my bad... I was only count OH NOESE!

Edit - I are glitching on Math

Must have been rolling 2 dice. wink.gif
Screaming Eagle
Na, I roll at least 3 wink.gif It probly used to be 5 or 6 dice but years of not using it loses it... ah bitter-sweet Calculus, I don't miss you.

Actually it wasn't so much a math error as a reading error... ah man "incompetent "native language"" I can see the flaw now!

Edit- Though this does determine that 2 dice is DEATH... gods you are far better off with only one unless you need to hit threshold 2 for some reason... and even then... eww
I think Ellery covered this one pretty extensively back in the day; I know I brought it up often enough. Rounding bugs, even nastier than 6=7.

At least it's not Earthdawn, where (IIRC) it could have easily been better if the word "variance" had been in the designers' vocabularies.

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