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Full Version: Do we Have a Must Have Gear List Anywhere?
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I and my gamers need a list that outlines all of the must have bits of gear that Shadowrunners need to have. I don't want this thread to end up to be that list I just need to know if one exist. I know that the Runner's Companion has some info but not enough.

If we don't have a list I'll see about starting one up in a Need / Should Have / Would Like to have format because I really need one. If you have one then let me know!
There are a few floating around. I'd post links but I'm on an iPhone and it's a pain in the ass to cut and paste. Try the search function.
Thanks Method. I forgot the plus symbols while searching. Old freakin search engine...

Anyways, I'm linking what I found here so I can review later when I get home after work.

Gear Every Runner Should Have

Starting Gear

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