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Full Version: TM drugs
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I know there's drugs that let you astral project, but are there any drugs that can let you "see" the matrix like TM's?
Prime Mover
None that I recall seeing. But theres been a few mentions of drugs that suppress TM abilities.

Edit: Technically you could get an AR or simsense feed from the TM to "tag" along in the matrix. I do know that it is specifically stated that doesn't work when the TM is in a resonance realm,no tagging along for that.
Would make an interesting storyline if you made one up.
But would it be a drug or some sort of hardware/software combination? Maybe both? The tech feeds the information while the drug modifies your brain to understand it?
Awakened drugs can grant magical effects to mundanes, but how do you create a resonance drug? I don't think it would be a chemical.

Perhaps there is a BTL hot sim cooked up by a technomancer sitting at a Tokyo core router that can temporarily let a person see and feel the matrix like a technomancer while the sim runs? Hacking your brain so to speak.
Nanites baby! Instead of a drug use an injection of nanites that creates temporary pathways in the subjects brain to emulate a TM's capabilities. Seriously though, corporations are still trying to figure out what makes a TM tick; creating drugs and nanites would probably require that to happen first. Course that's a whole 'nother run.

Now, if you wanted to use the nanite injection idea to create a very low level commlink in someone's head I don't see why not. It wouldn't be too far fetched give the tech so far in SR.
A TM with the Simrig complex for from unwired could probably export what he's seeing for his teammates to ride along, so to speak.
Xahn Borealis
I can see some corp trying to copypaste a TM's genes and make it into a genetic infusion like in Augmentation. I can definitely see some idiot trying this and ending up with AIPS or something.
Prime Mover
IRC There is a mention of a corp (several corps) attempting to create TM hitcher jack of some kind.
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