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Full Version: Looking for a Detailed History of the Desert Wars.
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I recently wrote a short story about my character from the current 4th edition campaign I'm participating in, and liked how it turned out so well that I've decided to make it the basis of my NaNoWriMo project (I haven't yet posted it on here, mostly because I'm not sure exactly where to do so, and don't want to embarrass myself by posting it in the wrong place.).

Currently, in the research phase of my project, I have become hindered by my own lack of material regarding the Desert Wars.

I suppose my problem really stems from the fact that I've only been playing the game for slightly more than a year, and so far only possess material for the edition of the game I am playing (4th). I'm sure that there must be some source book from a previous version of the game(s) that holds this information I seek, however I am not aware to it's name(s) or nature(s).

If anyone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated...
Ancient History
Target: Wastelands has a whole section on it.
QUOTE (Ancient History @ Nov 6 2009, 04:36 AM) *
Target: Wastelands has a whole section on it.

Thanks, that has quite a bit of useful information, at least from what I saw in the last five minutes of looking at it.

Still, I want as much information as possible, so if anyone knows of another source(s) I'd really like to hear.
THough not desert wars specific, I do recall fields of fire having some useful information regarding military operations.

I also recall there is mention of it in Feral cities (when taling about egypt). Shadows of Europe or Asia might have some bit of information as well.
sota:63 had some stuff about mercenary operations and gear, tho most of the man portable stuff shows up in arsenal as well.
There have been a number of threads regarding desert wars in years past. If you do a search for "desert" you might be able to find a few bitz. The problem tho is that the DW are one of those things that are frequently referenced in the cannon but not really described in detail, except for the blurb in T:WL noted above.

Good luck tho. It will be interesting to read the final product.
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