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Full Version: Geomancy and Reagent
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I was curious, can Geomancy have any effect on reagent for enchanting. For example, can I increase the mana in a certain area so that the mana in the reagents in that area are more potent or increase the likelyhood of finding natural refined or radical reagent.
the answer i would say is probably yes (to an extent) but it likely requires time and resources (specifically, a sufficiently large region of wilderness) that put it beyond the scope of regular shadowrun.

but if you're asking whether or not MCT could own a large region of wilderness that they make subtle changes to (while leaving it uncultivated wilderness) to increase their harvest of materials, i would say yes. certainly, whether or not it is possible, there will be research on it. perhaps even the creation of aspected reagents/telesma/etc would be possible, though you would (imo) have to be extremely careful in your efforts... remembering that the region must be uncultivated/wilderness for reagents/telesma to appear at all.
Ancient History
At one point during writing we were going to have the rating of a given manaline/power site/domain is a positive dice pool modifier on your Gathering Test to find reagents in the area, including natural and exotic reagents, but I can't find that anymore. Sorry.
I'd say Wuxing would be the real experts in business like this though. It's an interesting concept, maybe it can be turned into a run somehow - puts all those "break in to ruin their feng shui" jobs into perspective.
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