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Full Version: Combat Sense Spell
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Hi all,

I'm interested on your opinions as to whether the Combat Sense spell adds to ones Reaction score and this is subject to the 150% maximum augmented rule.

The spell's relevant text states:

"Every hit ... adds 1 die for Reaction on Surprise Tests and when defending against ranged and melee attacks for the duration of the spell."

I'm not sure why the spell needs the words "for Reaction" unless they writers are somehow referring to the Reaction attribute. But then again, the spell does not increase the Reaction ability, it just adds bonus dice. So I'm not sure why the reference to Reaction is even needed.


I think it shouldn't be subject to that maximum; after all, it doesn't do one of the more important things of Reaction: increase initiative.
Ol' Scratch
It's a dice pool bonus so is not affected by augmented maximums. Note that it says it "adds one die" rather than "improves Reaction by +1" for every hit.
I agree. If you wanted a spell that actually increased Reaction directly, there is "Improve Attribute: Reaction". Combat Sense is a bit more specialized, so it only adds dice value-- not reaction attribute. Wouldn't really make sense to have two spells that boost the same exact stat (the same way) in the same book. Combat Sense seems to only adjust the derived stat.
Dakka Dakka
Still the words "for Reaction" are superfluous and misleading. Simply erasing them would not change anything of the assumed intended meaning.

There is the same problem with the Combat Sense Adept power and a similar one with Bone Lacing. The mentioning of the attribute adds nothing but confusion.

[rant]That's something they should have changed from SR4 to SR4A, not gimping direct and indirect combat spells, and forcing high dice pools to affect machines.[/rant]
Thanks all for your input! smile.gif

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