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Full Version: Character sheet for spirits.
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I'm playing a summoning focused magician, and I'm looking for a a character sheet simply to keep track of my spirits. Something that would list their stats, skills, powers (and optional powers), condition, force, type, and number of services. What has worked for you guys? Have you found a good sheet for it?

Excel would be great, or even just something I can print out and write everything in. I plan to have lots of bound spirits, but I want to be able to see what powers and optional powers each one will have at a glance.
Does anyone know of anything I could use for this? To keep track of spirits and their powers. Most of the sheets I see have tiny sections for spirits, that only allow you to write the force, type, and number of services. Has anyone made a sheet just to keep track of spirits?
Here. There are some typos in the condition box numbers, but otherwise it looks good.
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