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Full Version: karma generation cost
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I see it alot here that the cost is "not" x3, so where is it listed to use the x5 in the main rulebook for the karma generation system found in runner's companion?
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It's due for errata, but yes, the attribute costs are supposed to be the same as in SR4A.
It is simply inferred. The Karma gen system uses the same costs as Karma advancement.

So since the current SR4 rules (as of the SR4A printing) use new rating ×5 for advancement, then that is the cost for Karma generation as well.

The better question is how many points should you start with post ×3 to ×5 errata?

The answer—according to most threads here—is to still use 750, since the authors have said here, that the 750 number was meant to go with a ×3 to ×5 errata that was for some reason not included in Runner's Companion.
Reportedly, the German edition of RC explicitly states:
Attributes cost 5 times new level.
Races cost Karma equal to the specified BP cost (not 2x, just 1x).

This significantly shifts the balance of the choices and effects for building characters with karmagen.

The German RC already lists karmagen attributes as *5, yes. And reportedly it reflects the "supposed future ruleset" at the time of translation.
QUOTE (Ryu @ Dec 8 2009, 08:02 AM) *
And reportedly it reflects the "supposed future ruleset" at the time of translation.

I was one of the proofreaders for the German RC. And yes, those are the errata we received from Catalyst when we inquired if and how the karma-gen should be changed post-SR4A.
The question I need answered is this:

Is the limit of half your Karma spent on Attributes actually meant to include special Attributes, or was that simply poor/ambiguous wording?

Has this wording changed in the German version?
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Technically, yeah. Feel free to ignore that at your table though.
So essentially you need to house rule it to make it even functional for awakened characters.
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Or you can choose between Hulk being the Strongest One There Is or Dr. Strange being the Master of the Mystic Arts.
There are these things called adepts, who generally need to start out with acceptable Attributes and a decent Magic rating. The old karmagen was overpowered, but at least it worked. The build point system may have its weaknesses, but neither of the alternate chargen methods in Runner's Companion are worth a damn.
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You're welcome to your opinion, and of course if you don't like it you don't have to use it.
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