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Full Version: Suggestions for Paracritters
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Now that I've had time to digest Running Wild I'm thinking of restarting my random critter/drones posts again. Trying to get some suggestions. I'm thinking of starting off with a hedgehog. I tend to do more special and interesting rather than big and bad. That and stuff people might actually use.

For those of you who haven't seen my older stuff here are the links. Its a good example of the types of stuff I do.

Eli-Hrair, Awakened Rabbits
Venus Swan
Gremlin (Wild Spirit of Man)
Calydonian Boar
Chrysomallos aka The Golden Fleece
The Stuff (I need a better name) techno-horror
Spiker gen-mod critter (might have to redue this one)

Fizzy Pop Vending machine
Lone Star Patrol Car Mk.II (Coyote Hunter)

So far I think I need to make more drones like the vending machine and possibly more nuisance critters. Running Wild has most of the Big Bad "monsters" done to death.
I've had several people asking my to keep this tread updated with all the stuff I make, so I'll be adding new posts periodically with some of my new creations. I'd say I need a hobby, but this is my hobby.

My take on a 2070 Tow truck/ Highway assistance vehicle.

Modern Firefighter Armor.

Firefighting foam and foam sprayer.

The HedgePig paracritter.

Free spirit of music.

Tunnel Security/Pest control drone.

Some common everyday toxins and drugs.

Wee Folk Metatype.

Stuff in 2070s vending machines and convenience stores.

Soy Processing Units and ingredients.
Wesley Street
Two words: Abrams. Lobster.
QUOTE (Wesley Street @ Feb 4 2010, 08:23 AM) *
Two words: Abrams. Lobster.

Here you go. Abrams Lobster the battle tank of the sea.
Prime Mover
An update on the Corpselight, Talis Cat....
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