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Full Version: Underbarrel Weapons and Gyro Mounts
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So, I have hit a bit of a snag.

The underbarrel weapon modification cannot be combined with other underbarrel modifications or accessories that reduce recoil (foregrip, bipod, tripod, underbarrel weight)...This mod is generally only available for longarms, machine guns, and assault cannons.


Heavy weapons are so large and potentially damaging to the user that they cannot be carried and fired without the help of a gyro stabilization unit.

So I see two possible interpretations, either only trolls are capable of using Heavy Weapons with underbarrel weapon, or the omission of gyro stabilization from the list was deliberate.

Any thoughts on the matter?
I understand it as 'if there's something already mounted underbarrel, be it a modification or a recoil compensation system, you can't add an underbarrel weapon'.

If the gyromount is fixed to the underbarrel mount it's not compatible,but it it's fixed elsewhere you can add an underbarrel weapon. Judging from the bipod and tripod inclusion into the non compatible mods, I'dd place the gyromount into the same 'no underbarrel weapon with that' atgeory.
My understanding is most long arms and heavy weapons will only have one under barrel slot for modification, its more of a question of what is more useful a grenade launcher or a gyromount.

Machine guns and assault cannons would want more recoil suppression do to the high rate of fire than grenade launcher, or flame thrower. While an under barrel weapon will add more to an assault rifle or a shot gun.

Funny thought I want an under barrel shotgun for my shotgun.
Rotbart van Dainig
The Carrying Heavy Weapons rule is optional.

If you don't use it, nothing is preventing you from using one without gyro stabilization.
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
First... most (if not all) weapons that can utilize a Pintle Mount (Vehicle Weapon Mounts or Gyrostabilization Units) are fitted at the Receiver, not the barrel, so that is a non-issue really...

Second... Gyrostabilization was left off of the list, because it is not a barrel mount option...

Keep the Faith
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