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Full Version: specializations upon character creation
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Guys, I'm sorry, I'm very new to this forum. I've got a newb question, and I wouldn't be surprised if it's been covered before. My question is, the rulebook states that you can't have skill above 6 when creating a character. Does this include specializations? For instance, could I create a character with Pistols (5) and Semiautomatics (7)? If it's been covered, feel free to merge.
Dakka Dakka
Specializations don't increase the skill rating. They add bonus dice.
Pistols(Semiautomatics) 5(7) is impossible, it is Pistols(Semiautomatics) 5(+2). Thus there is no problem with adding a specialization to a skill of 6. You could even increase the skill rating further with 'ware or magic.

Oh and welcome to Dumpshock
You could go one further and get the aptitude quality, and make it pistols 7 (+2 Semiautos).
I believe that is a SR3 question and the answer is yes.
cool, thanks guys
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