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Full Version: What should be an easy question about about Crimson Orchid
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I am currently writing a new character and have enlisted the community's help once again in editing and modifying the character.

Here's a link:

Anyways, I was reading up on a drug, Crimson Orchid, that I've decided to make my character moderately addicted to. One of the side effects of the magical drug is a modifier of -3 to reaction. Since initiative is determined by reaction+intuition i was wondering if this drug when then, consequently lower the characters initiative by 3. So instead of rolling a 10DP for initiative he would be rolling a 7DP dependent on when the drug is in effect. Am i right?

In other words I know Crimson Orchid lowers your characters reaction by 3 but does it affect the derived initiative? It would make sense if it did, just clarifying.
Anything that effects your attributes will effect any score derived from those attributes.

SO yes, your INitiative will drop from 10 to 7.
Thank you very much
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