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Full Version: Seeking errata for "Runner's Companion"
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Hoi, chummers.

While working on a character for an online game, I came across an irksome contradiction in the Runner's Companion ... and haven't been able to find any official errata. Specifically, the trait "Gearhead" (page 98) contradicts itself.

The trait header says "Cost: 5 or 10 BP"; however, the actual description lists a 5BP level, and a 15 BP level.

So which is it? 5-or-10 or 5-or-15 ...?

I'd prefer a pointer at an official errata if one has been compiled; if there's no such thing, the next best would be an at least semi-official Q&A with someone from Catalyst. smile.gif Mainly, I want to avoid pestering the GM with "yet another small rules question", but absent "the Official Word", well, it's his ruling to make.
It is 5 or 10BP

and thats the official errata since it is already included in the german translation of RC.

Honestly CGL is pretty lazy, considering that there is a Augmentation Errata dated back to August 08, which is also included in the german translation, but nothing on the homepage so all the English speaking gamers plays with a dated ruleset so far.

Unofficial Errata

It is incomplete by now, but is still helpful.
Thanks, folks. Especially for pointing out the correction in the German-language version by Tycho; that makes me confident enough to "just go with it" without consulting Ye Olde GM before the rest of the character is done and ready for summary (dis)approval. smile.gif
Still annoyed at that thread. Was half asleep at the time of creation, & named it "errata" instead of the correct "Q&A"
Prime Mover
Yea I bugged about the Aug errata on monthly chats and sr4 site was told multiple times last fall that errata was all but done and coming soon after some internal clarification. That was several months ago. Would be nice to have errata for core books now that there all out.
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