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Full Version: Weapon Ranges
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In the Core Rulebook, the range table at page 139 states that the modifiers for range are 0/-1/-2/-3, but on the 20th Anniversary Core (page 151) it's stated as 0/-1/-3/-6.

Which one is correct, since there's no errata for this...?
Prime Mover
They changed range modifiers in anniversary edition. Changes listed changes document IIRC.
Depends on the version of the rules you want to use. Usually the more up-to-date rules apply, so the 0/-1/-3/-6 range penalties would apply.

Check with your GM first, though, as he/she may prefer to use the original SR4 range modifiers.
AH, many thanks guys!

@SpellBinder: What do you do when YOU ARE the GM? nyahnyah.gif
SR4a range modifiers, but also adding some of the optional rules in Arsenal, like modifiers that add or subtract dice based on the size of the target. Because, let's face it, sniping a Spyfly at a thousand meters is gonna be awfully damned hard compared to just hitting a person at that same range.
Then you choose whichever you feel is the most appropriate. As long as your fair about it and don't change them too much on your players, its your job as GM to set the rules for your players.

rollin.gif Yup. There are lots of ways to tweak the system a little (many provided in the various books, even), but as long as you're either consistent or at least discuss a change with your players (like to test something new for a session) there shouldn't be any problems.
I know... I know... that was mostly a rhetoric question nyahnyah.gif
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