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Full Version: Driving me (Insert Pun)
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Could someone explain to me the basic things that can be done with a pilot check, other than driving with terrible road conditions in stressful conditions.

I have an upcoming session and I do not want to short change my players. I also want to explain to them the cool things they can do...
Core AE 168, see Vehicle Test Threshold Table.
GM sanity tip.

Have the players describe to you the cool thing they want to do, then you apply the threshold. As an incentive for cool descriptions, offer to reduce the threshold by one(or more!) on any pilot test for any cool description.

"I drive with my Pilot Ground skill 6 and get away from the cops!" = threshold 3

"I flip the nissan rabbit through a bootlegger turn and slide it under the big rig in the next lane as I slide the convertible top down and jump off the on ramp to the street below to avoid the oncoming patrol car!" = threshold 2
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