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Can you somehow cancel the effects of glamour? Possibly with a physical mask spell or masking? Helmet?
From the description of Glamour, it's effects sound independent of appearance, so I don't think that a mask spell would negate any bonuses. It will probably have them remembering a different person though.
Do everything through VR. I doubt the effects of Glamour (and Nasty Vibe) are passed through the Matrix.
Isn't Glamour a magical effect?
QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Apr 13 2010, 09:12 PM) *
Isn't Glamour a magical effect?

Do magical effects translate into computer code?
QUOTE (SpellBinder @ Apr 13 2010, 02:52 PM) *
Do magical effects translate into computer code?

Not yet..but someone I am sure is working on it.
What I thought.
make your deals somewhere with background count, lowered magic, lowered glamour, right?
The trouble is, someone with glamour is "paranaturally gifted", not magically active. Glamour doesn't even have a rating.

Like Achsin said, though, disguises still work - you won't have much luck impersonating, say, a security guard, or blending into the background nearly any other way, but at least they won't be remembering your real appearance.
For my players who read the Dresden Files, Glamour is more easily explained via the Thomas effect. No matter how hard he tries to hide it, he draws attention.
Toturi, I just gained a whole new respect for you.

That's a fantastic way of describing it too.
Xahn Borealis
QUOTE (Warlordtheft @ Apr 13 2010, 08:58 PM) *
Not yet..but someone I am sure is working on it.

But surely someone else could copy the code, and so on, until it's just another icon option with no effect whatsoever, outside of fluff.
can you put blandness and glamor together or is it ruled out. "He stood out but he looks just like everyone..."
QUOTE (Dumori @ Apr 15 2010, 12:50 AM) *
can you put blandness and glamor together or is it ruled out. "He stood out but he looks just like everyone..."

It's legal by RAW.
I'd allow it as well.

The glamour's effects could only be noticeable at second glance.
Someone you would overlook in the first moment, but who'd have a vibrant, magnetic presence once he gets to talk to people.
Calm, stoic, but compulsive and determined.
Why not?
Sounds better than characters sparkling in sunlight.

A character with both Glamour and Blandness would still suffer from a +1 modifier to trace attempts, after shelling out 25 BP for social qualities.
Good ideas that I'll remember to bring up to our glamoured social adept.
Fun trivia : i've heard the term glamour originally comes from Scottish folk tales.
Used to be the name for a type of love spell.
Or better : curse.
If a woman casts a glamour on a man, this man is not noticed by other women anymore, finally leaving him with the choice of either settling for the caster or a life of loneliness.

Oddly fitting for the combination of Glamour and Blandness.
I think it's actually just a word for 'spell' (in 18th century Scottish), while the 'beauty/charm' meaning evolved maybe a century after.
Ol' Scratch
Actually, I think it originally was a variation of 'grammar' that eventually was bastardized into a word to identify scholars who studied the occult. It then evolved into a term for magic in general, and eventually became more and more associated with the fey folk and beauty as a whole as time passed.

<is not a fan of faerie lore at all>
I think you'll find that it evolved into a term for magic in general _in 18th century Scottish_, though. smile.gif That's where 'glamor' comes from. The rest is true, but doesn't contradict the previous statement.
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