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Full Version: seating and packing
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Alright folks, i've looked in Arsenal and i have looked in the main book and I cannot find anywhere where it states the number slots required for combat seating. I have a tricked out Skraacha set up for close air support and personell transport but i dont know how many slots i need to leave open for personell.
Well pg 348 in SR4a lists the seating capacity for various vehicles. A t-bird is listed as 8, so figure one for gunner and one for pilot. Maybe another for navigator or magical backup and that leaves you with 5 for passengers/armed thugs/whatever. You could give them all troll sized seats if you felt the need to allow for the extra space a fully geared soldier would carry but I just assume in a vehicle like that, the passenger seats already allow for fully equipped soldiers.
The Jopp
A thing to note there is that it lists seating capacity - but nothign about cargo capacity.

Would be nice to know how much a Cascade Scraacha has in M3 cargo space or how much seating+cargo area for an intercity shuttle.
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