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Full Version: A year's worth of talon clippings?
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Daddy's Little Ninja
I was looking back at the Portfolio of a dragon and thought of something. He had an entry of a year's worth of talon clippings for the chief voodoo priest in the Carib' League since there was no such post we all assume he was trying to stuir things up there making someone earn the prize right?
1) What do you do with them? He's dead so there's nothing for a sympathetic link to.
2) Are there any? Really? You clip toe and finger nails, not talons. Wouldn't a dragon keep his hard and 'ready' in draconic style? Lofwyr is not going out with Hestaby for a pedicure!

So was the whole thing a joke on metahumanity?

(See the things I think of when I trim my oldest's nails?)
May be big D likes is talons short and extra sharp. As to his death well it not exactly clear. Also parts of dragons are very usefull in enchanting.

See the famous "You want me to what in where?!" example.
No telling what kind of power is in a piece of a million year old dragon claw.

dog and cat nails get trimmed. I've not done much falconry in my life, but I believe there is some grooming involved there as well.
Dragon pieces are rare radicals. Those toe clippings are worth a fortune AND can be used for mighty mumbo jumbo. Also,from the Dragon book we know Dragon talons grow just like human nails and need regular shortening, either by clawing vigorously at things on a daily basis or, if clawing at things might not go well with your surroundings, by cutting them.

The offer also plunged the Voodoo league guys in the carribean into chaos, which probably was his intention.
some of the other entries are jokes, or in-jokes with other people, but the clippings are Serious Business.

/would page AH to this thread, but all the questions are really answered.
Ol' Scratch
Take a closer look at the Enchanting rules in Street Magic sometime. smile.gif
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