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Full Version: Simplifying Riggers & Hackers?
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So I was all set to start a new game when two of the players wanted to play these types. One wants to be an AI Rigger, the other a Dwarf Hacker. The AI stuff doesnt seem too bad, but it complicates the already confusing Rigging rules and the Hacking stuff I just can't seem to get my head around.

Is there a Idiots Guide to Rigging or Hacking For Dummies source out there somewhere? Or does anyone have any rules lite version of these that I could use?
The chart at the end of the matrix section in the book showing which dice pools to use solves most of my problems managing rigging. The rest is details about which gear and modifiers to use.
There is something being worked on here though it seems he hasn't gotten around to doing the matrix one yet.
Read This alongside the Game, Set, Match short story in your rulebook. Should help immensely.
And then remember that it's wrong in at least two places, one is using castling on a non TM (a small thing but annoying) and the other escapes me at the moment.
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