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Full Version: Need SR Year of Chaos info
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Tron Paul
Hey, new here. I wanted to discuss a campaign I've been thinking of creating and it would be my first so looking for any help I can get. I enjoy sci-fi settings but the ones that I've had experience with have cataclysmic events that I'd rather play through than the post-apocalyptic aftermath or the semi-stable aftermath. It'd also be fun to take some liberties with the timeline and make it your own. Basically I wanted to do a campaign where the players live through the stuff that happens around 2012 and make some sort of difference to the world. What I'm looking for is any more information on that time period in the Shadowrun universe than what the timeline provides. Any links to or info from cannon or even fan fiction (if its not terrible) would be great.

Thanks in advance. If anyone's interested I can provide some info on what I'm planning because I'm pretty sure the players don't frequent the boards here.
I think that this may be of assistance. Be sure to check out the years 2056 and 2060 for extra fun times. grinbig.gif
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