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Full Version: Weapons modded for user size
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It would seem that if you modded an assault rifle for a Troll to use, that it would tend to be more like a pistol (well a machine pistol anyway). Either that or there is going to be a lot of balistic plastic added to the gun just to make it large enough.

Just trying to visualize it....

I guess the same would be true for conventional pistols resized for a Troll.
And that is why i am going the other way with trolls very often: Just take a huge shotgun or rifle: reduce the barrel, saw off the butt... Tadaaa: Trollpistol *g* Of course they have to be fitted to size too. But really something which weighs easily over 250kg and four times the strength of a human should just default to higher caliber. It looks silly have them use a light pistol for example.
Part of being a troll is having trouble fitting into the world. smile.gif And the fun. biggrin.gif
Saint Sithney
I hope I'm not the only one who allows grip Size mods to be combined with Personalized Grip...
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