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Full Version: Shadowrun Master Skills List
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Has anyone compiled such a list together? I ran into a bit of confusion with this during my session ragarding skills needed to Bust a Maglock and phsyical locks
SR4A has a complete list of all skills.

On page 120 there are two tables, one by skill group, and one by linked attribute.

On pages 121-130 all skills are described, including their linked attribute, default value, skill group and specializations.
Does this list contain skills from Street Magic and Running Wild?
No, the skills form Running Wild are not included. This bothers me every time...

The list in SR4A includes:

Chemestry from Arsenal
Arcana from Street Magic
Enchanting from Street Magic

But in Street Magic they suggest some alternative ways of using skills:
Arcana (Divining), Assensing (Extended Masking, Psychometry), Banishing (Attack of Will), Binding (Invoking), Counterspelling (Absorption, Cleansing, Filtering, Reflecting), Ritual Spellcasting (Geomancy), Summoning (Ally Spirit), Technical skill (Attunement)
And you could argue that they should all be available as specializations.

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