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Full Version: Ramming question
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Hey guys,
My group is trying to figure out the rules for this.. I thought It would be awesome to ram my suv with armor and a ram through a downed helicopter, we can find the roll to resist damage the target needs to make, my truck absorbed just fine, do i as the driver need to roll to soak any damage from the impact? Or since i oases my wreck test and my truck is fine, am i prepped and fine? Or do i deal with some impact

The rammer vehicle & all passengers inside have to resist half the damage that the rammee vehicle & passengers take.
Good luck with that. smile.gif Hope you had your seatbelts on… and your airbags, your 5-point harnesses, your Rigger Cocoons… biggrin.gif
yeah, here's the thing. if you follow the ramming rules, you resist the same damge your truck does. If you read the rules for a crash in Arsenal, you take no damage, so long as your safety features haven't been disabled. Neither seems like the right way to go IMHO.
Obviously, a Ram is totally different from a Crash. wink.gif Oh SR, you never disappoint on the rules front. biggrin.gif
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