Alright. I have a character that's mundane and eschews cyberware (flavor really).

What I've been trying to do is compile a list of all the bioware/genetech that he doesn't have that would or could be useful to him to meet his roles.

Assume that his roles are mostly defined by the following skills.

Athletics Group
Firearms Group
Heavy Weapons

The character is an opportunistic ranged combatant, so reaction is nice for getting him ahead of other characters in initiative, but hardly necessary since he has a high intuition.

Ignore Reflex recorders, they are an obvious choice.

He currently has...
Muscle Toner III
Suprathyroid Gland
Sleep Regulator
Cat's Eyes
Synaptic Booster I
Muscle Augmentation II
Synch [Genetech]

As a human, this sits him at augments 4 Body, 9 Agility (Max), 5 Reaction, 6 Strength, 3 Charisma, 5 Intuition, 3 Logic, 3 Willpower

Please list out the costs of the bioware/genetech that you supply. I'm trying to figure out how much nuyen I need to get to a "soft" cap on augmentations. A point before I really start to need karma to improve at all.

Enhanced Articulation: 40,000 nuyen.gif
Muscle Augmentation IV: 28,000 nuyen.gif
Platelet Factory: 25,000 nuyen.gif (for the times he has the rare circumstance to be shot at/get shot)
Synthecardium III: 30,000 nuyen.gif

Thanks in advance.