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Full Version: Legal Medtech License
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Here's a fantastic question posed by one of my players:

"I meant to ask you the other night, what is the fee for a *legitimate* medtech's license? The book only has rules for fake licenses; I want my character to have the genuine article so he can buy high-Rating medkits legally instead of through the black market."

What do you all think?
Must have either:

A: A valid SIN and hence the 5 point SINNER quality

B: A Fake ID of a strong enough rating to pass a background check, for ease of book keeping I'd make a simple opposed test of rating to Kit he wants to purchase vs. rating of Fake ID

The test probably isn't warranted for lower level Kits but for really top grade ones you would want to. If you want to make thing interesting tack a continuing education requirement on to the license and make him have to attend classes at interesting times to keep it up.
A fake license would let you buy it just the same as a legal one, the only difference is that there is a chance it could get busted.

As for getting a legal one, likely the cost is not much but would have requirements the runner might not fulfill such as a degree. Would require OTHER fake documents unless the right qualities were taken.
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