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Full Version: SR2 and Gaming Heresy! (or SR2 gets Wireless)
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So as many of you know I'm starting a new group up on SR2 in 3 weeks and I was thinking of adding in wireless. I know, I know, its wrong but frankly I think I like it. My thought is to just change the sensor distance from being in the matrix only to apply as a wireless signal. Not everything would be wireless, it would be more like today with some wireless but anything secure is on a hardline. Thoughts? Ideas? I know there are the SR3 rules I could borrow from but as I am not using VR2.0 I'm not sure how easy it would be to import.
When I was considering using SR3 instead of 4 for my current game I actually thought of just handwaving the rules away. "Everything is wireless now with no limits to bandwidth and increases to TN -- programs not required." Then just use the MIJI rules for electronic warfare.
Wireless connectivity was never the problem. They had rules for Wireless in SR3 and it would have only taken a little bit of tweaking to make them more in line with "realistic" technology progression. It was how it was implemented in SR4 that irritated a lot of people.
Personally I can see a wireless layer, but you would need to subscribe to it. I can see augmented reality filters / tagging, etc being widespread. For instance, if you are walking down the street using your AR headset, you can get tonnes of adverts from stores, advertising their wares/catalogue.

Also some people would be broadcasting some personal information. For instance a female advertising SWF L 4 STR.

Personally, I would assign half the penalties of using a satellite link, because of the extra encryption, signal noise/filtering, and routing through multiple towers, that is required for using wireless over a jackpoint. There is a bonus, in that your detection factor could get harder if there decker was smart and had a setup that leveraged multiple towers, spoofing their position by causing random delays in signals making triangulation less effective. I would not have bandwidth as a factor, as I think that speeds will drastically improve.

There are satellite, laser, and wireless links that already exist in the game. I think there is a +2 penalty for satellite.
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