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Full Version: armor rating in astral
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Hey does astral beings have armor rating in the astral world?
Mystic armor, the armor spell, or immunity to normal weapons.
double post
I meant without the spells. Like a mage astrally projecting, does not have armor when being attacked by a spirit in the astral world, unless he/she cast those spells, you basically enter the astral world naked right? So if you get hit by a spirit you only resist with your spiritual "body" attribute?
But spirits have their standard armor+body in force even in astral right?
no they don't. they only get immunity to normal weapons when materialized. the immunity grants them some artificial armor.
Or you can be a drake. Drakes have Mystic Armor (the critter power) which is also Hardened (and uselessly hardened at rating 4).
Not if something inept attacks you with TINY BABY FISTS and you have a crippled body score... But yeah.

Also: The armor spell does not work in the astral. But i think one could make some kind of mana-version of it. (Since you have to counter people running... flying/whatever around in there with weapon foci.) Or maybe allow some kind of armor-fokus? Hmm... i hope i haven't opened a can of worms here *g*.
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QUOTE (Summerstorm @ Sep 2 2010, 09:47 AM) *
Not if something inept attacks you with TINY BABY FISTS and you have a crippled body score... But yeah.

Actually happened to my character once when Bear Who Digs Through Walls and I broke into a rigger's control room. Cut his matrix connection and then proceeded to Console Hack to get what I needed. Bear largely ignored the pudgy human because he was interested in the guy's fridge. I largely ignored him because I couldn't talk to him (ah, vocal cords) and he couldn't hurt me (thought it was funny to have the GM describe the guy wailing on me like a small child, then running away in fear from a drake and a bear).
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